Birthday – 3D carved cakes

Here are a selection of our 3d or carved cakes:

Mulberry bag


Mulberry handbag complete with Mulberry logo (Vanilla sponge)



Miss Piggy face (Chocolate sponge)


Hello Kitty face (Vanilla sponge)




Giant cupcake (chocolate sponge) decorated with vanilla butter cream and large daisy’s & present cake (fruit cake)




Double cheese burger cake (vanilla sponge “bun”, chocolate sponge “burgers” and fondant iced “vegetables”)




Tottenham Hotspur shirt (vanilla sponge)



VW Split Screen Camper Van (lemon flavoured sponge)




Garden shed (vanilla sponge)



“Rock on” fist cake (vanilla sponge)






Roller skate (vanilla sponge)




Gucci handbag (vanilla sponge)